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How to Stop Abortion Pills, Overcome Gender Ideology, and Preserve Democracy in 2023

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You’ll Discover:

LOOMING THREATS to pro-life advocacy and sidewalk counseling ... the rapidly exploding use of the deadly abortion pill ... and the escalating challenges faced by pro-life volunteers coast to coast

SHOCKING REVELATIONS about how gender ideology is corrupting our schools — from drag queen story hours to intimidation of school board members for exposing transgender indoctrination in elementary classrooms

URGENT UPDATES on David Daleiden’s ongoing legal battles — with the growing potential to reach the U.S. Supreme Court — and the implications for the pro-life movement nationwide

PROTECTING DEMOCRACY and the relentless fight for a just electoral system leading up to the 2024 elections, including the challenges posed by a biased voting registration system favoring progressives

EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES for bravely confronting these, and other, crucial issues head-on to secure a brighter future for life, family values, and democratic principles in the United States

You’ll Hear From:

Tom Brejcha

Founder, President, & Chief Counsel, Thomas More Society

Andy Bath

Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Thomas More Society

Peter Breen

Executive Vice-President & Head of Litigation, Thomas More Society

Tom Olp

Executive Vice President & Head of Election Integrity, Thomas More Society

Chris Ferrara

Special Counsel, Thomas More Society

Angela Reading

New Jersey mom vilified for exposing offensive signs at a local school

Vickie Paladino

New York City Councilwoman from Northeast Queens

Paul Jonna

Special Counsel, Thomas More Society

Elizabeth Mirabelli

Public school teacher who refused to deceive children's parents

Erick Kaardal

Special Counsel, Thomas More Society

David Bereit

Pro-Life Leader, Speaker, Strategist, Broadcaster

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